Getting Creative with Brand/Audience Marketing Alignment

Submitted by Dennis Marshall
August 5, 2019

In this fragmented media environment, local businesses are looking for better ways to reach their potential customers.

Using data to implement “New TV” tactics such as eschewing traditional age, gender, and daypart-based media plans in favor of audience-centric plans is a great way to help local businesses reach their target audiences. But advertisers must also get creative to truly capture their audience’s attention and make an impact.

One powerful way to leave a lasting impression is to participate in a Brand/Audience Marketing Alignment. These unique opportunities allow local businesses to integrate their brand messaging into promotional commercials for popular programming that resonates with their target consumer.

Brand/Audience Marketing Alignments give advertisers a new and unique spin on a standard “Brought to you by…” tag, and helps connect them to the same lifestyle groups they target with their ad buys.

How does it work? Most of these campaigns follow a “10:10:10” format:

  • 1st 10 seconds: Promotes a cable program that resonates with the target consumer
  • 2nd 10 seconds: Focuses on advertiser messaging
  • 3rd 10 seconds: A call to action for both parties (“watch the program and shop here”)

There are two primary kinds of marketing alignments that advertisers can take advantage of: existing brand alignments and vertical-based alignments.

Existing Brand Alignments

Many national-level brands have existing sponsorships with popular shows they know resonate with their target consumer. Brand alignments allow advertisers to take advantage of those sponsorships at a local level. This happens most often with auto advertisers. A number of auto dealerships and dealer associations choose this strategy because they can create an association with programs with which their manufacturer has an existing partnership. For example, by leveraging BMW’s existing partnership with Bravo’s Top Chef, we worked with BMW of Fort Lauderdale, as well as other BMW dealers in other cities, to take that relationship a step further. Here’s how:

BMW Fort Lauderdale and Top Chef:



Here’s another example of how Subaru’s sponsorship of The Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet was executed with one its local dealerships:

Liberty Subaru and Puppy Bowl:



Vertical-based Network Alignments

Vertical-based alignments align a local business with a show’s audience that best matches the lifestyle group they’re targeting. For example, we partnered with TLC’s Trading Spaces to create integrated messaging for a local home improvement and design brand into the program’s promotional commercial.

Old Town Design Group and Trading Spaces:



For businesses that are just beginning to dip their toe in the advertising waters, a Brand/Audience Marketing Alignment can be a very cost-effective way to get started. In fact, if a business doesn’t have 30-second on-air creative, a marketing alignment is a great way to associate their brand with shows their ideal audiences are watching.

These alignments are also powerful vehicles for established businesses that have a history of running TV advertising. It allows them to create an association with shows that we know, based on our viewership data – their target audience loves.

Regardless of business type, our Brand/Audience Marketing Alignments help local advertisers make an impact with customers who matter most. To learn more, contact your local Effectv representative or call us at 1-888-877-9799.





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