An Effectv Product Guide: Find. Target. Report. Prove.

Submitted by Lisa Ahern
December 3, 2019

At Effectv, we’re always evolving and innovating. We must in order to stay ahead of the constantly-changing business of TV advertising and to continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

It’s why we recently changed our name and announced two new solutions that drive growth for our advertisers, delivering the easiest and most effective TV advertising experience ever.

In this brief video, we outline our CrossReach Solutions, Effectv’s complete suite of products that help our clients Find their audience across all screens, Target them efficiently and effectively, Report on what happened, and Prove the impact of their campaign on their business, reinforcing TV’s transformation to a full-funnel marketing platform. After watching the video, check out the product guide found below the player to dive deeper into each individual capability. Interested in learning more about a customized solution for your business? Reach out here.





We take Comcast viewership data and blend it with third-party data to find the potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your product or service across live TV, Video on Demand, and OTT.


Audience Intelligence

Build and deliver efficient and effective TV campaigns across a DMA using Comcast viewership data and third-party data, then measure its effectiveness via mid- and post-campaign reports.

Audience Intelligence for Local

Local advertisers can now plan and buy TV campaigns the same way they buy digital ones: by building and delivering TV campaigns at the zone level using Comcast viewership data and third-party data.

Premium Digital TV

Reach your audience, Xfinity cable and broadband subscribers, plus cord-cutters and cord-nevers, as they watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere – all on premium content.



The ability to use insights from data to deliver your audience segments through addressable, high-quality video content on any device at any time.


Linear Addressable Full Avail by Spot

Target Comcast audiences addressably by delivering different creative messages to up to four customized audience segments across a DMA during the same :30 spot. All other viewers in the DMA will see your default message, building brand awareness.

Premium Digital Video

Reach a customized audience segment as they watch premium video online across all platforms and devices and achieve true cross-platform reach by matching audience segments across TV and digital.

Audience Targeted Premium Digital TV

Add to your DMA-wide TV campaign by delivering your message to one of 22 audience segments across ‘TV everywhere:’ OTT, live programming, and VOD across all platforms and devices.



The promise of efficient reporting across all platforms and devices to help optimize campaign performance as well as plan your next media campaign.


TV Campaign Reports

Gain insights that you can use to optimize your current and future Audience Intelligence campaigns with mid- and post-campaign reports. For Addressable Full Avail by Spot campaigns, see how each segment viewed your creative message, including impression delivery, frequency, and unique households. 

Digital Campaign Reports

Optimize your next campaign with a post-campaign report showing campaign delivery details, video completion rates, and metrics by content/brand and platform/device across all digital programming.



Providing metrics that prove the impact of your campaign and how it moved the needle for your business. The peace of mind knowing your media is effective and delivering the results you expect.


IMPACT Campaign Insights

Learn how your campaign correlates to web traffic over time and how your TV advertising works as a full-funnel solution to help drive awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.

Instant IMPACT

Access a dashboard that shows the immediate lift in website traffic within 30 minutes of a TV commercial airing and we’ll help you analyze the results to optimize future campaigns.


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