Addressable TV Advertising Is Here. This is How It Works.

Submitted by Jared Solow and Joe Alesi
January 16, 2020


We’re all different. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Brands have a general idea of who their target audiences are, but members of those audiences will intrinsically have different and unique needs and wants. While two different people could use an advertiser’s products, they may need or want it for different reasons.

For example, a local auto advertiser may want to target audiences in market for a pickup truck, SUV and a sedan.

Enter Linear Addressable Full Avail by Spot.

Now advertisers can reach multiple audience segments with custom, creative messages, enabling them to deliver the right messages to the right households across the entire DMA on TV, the most powerful way to consume media.

While watching the same show on the same network, each audience segment will see a relevant creative message at the household level. Homes that do not fit within the selected audience segments will see a default ad from the advertiser, allowing the advertiser to reach a broader audience to build brand awareness.


Here's How It Works

Below are the steps taken to develop a Linear Addressable Full Avail by Spot campaign:

  • The client identifies up to four custom audience segments that it wants to reach. The client will need to provide a relevant creative message for each of the selected audience segments. Additionally, the client provides a default creative message to reach those households that do not fit within the selected audience segments.
  • Using Comcast viewership data combined with 3rd party data from providers like Experian and Polk, we create media rankers that show which networks rank highest in reaching the client’s selected audience segments.
  • We then create a linear TV campaign using this ranker information to reach the client’s strategic audience more accurately and efficiently.
  • The client receives a post-campaign report showing campaign performance metrics across each of the selected audience segments, including network and daypart metrics providing additional valuable insights.
  • With the help of the provided post-campaign report, we work with the client to optimize future campaign success.

Here are some examples to illustrate how Linear Addressable Full Avail by Spot works:




Creativity + Data = Results

Ad creative is a crucial component to executing Linear Addressable Full Avail by Spot. Delivering the right creative to the right audience is only half the battle. Creating strategically sound campaigns that deliver the brand impact to engage those specific audiences is how it becomes most effective. That’s where Mnemonic comes in.

Effectv’s award-winning creative agency, Mnemonic, uses insights from data to better understand our clients’ different audience segments. Mnemonic can then create up to four different advertisements that better speak to those audience segments for one ad campaign. For advertisers, this approach eliminates waste, and for consumers, it gives them a more customized, valuable experience.

To learn more about Linear Addressable Full Avail By Spot, contact us here, and to learn more about Mnemonic, contact us here.


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