5 Reasons to Align Your Brand with the NFL

Submitted by Lynda Labozan
June 27, 2019 / 08:59 AM

The NFL dominates sports viewing, accounting for 27% of all sports viewing on TV in 20181.

While this may not come as a surprise to many, the NFL continues to be one of the most-watched sports in America1 and the source of some of the most-watched shows on TV, period2.

In fact, NFL games accounted for nearly 75% of the most-watched programs on TV in 20182, and averaged 15.8 million viewers during the 2018 regular season, excluding London broadcasts. Additionally, average digital streaming viewership for all games was up 86% from last year.

But who is watching, and why should you consider marketing your brand to this audience? Here are five reasons to consider:


Reach a Young, Affluent NFL Cable Audience

Looking for a young, affluent audience? The NFL is a game winner with highly-engaged local fans watching on all screens4:

66%       of the audience is under the age of 55

35%       More likely than the average viewer to have a HH income of 100K+

103%     More likely than the average viewer to have used a mobile device to view live sports in the past 30 days


Most Watched Programs

NFL games accounted for 42 of 2018’s top 50 broadcasts2 – especially impressive in a year with the Olympics and soccer’s World Cup tournament. 80% of the top sports audiences in 2018 belonged to the NFL.


Widespread Coverage

It’s not just about following your favorite team, it’s about watching all the games and getting the NFL studio inside scoop.


Can't-miss Matchups

The 2019 season will feature timeless and contentious rivalries, heated battles versus divisional foes, and exciting matchups pitting future playoff teams. Here are some notable cable matchups to mark on your calendar:

  • Browns @ 49ers, Week 5, ESPN: “Last offseason's darlings play this offseason's darlings in a game featuring quarterbacks ready to take the next step.” 6
  • Redskins @ Vikings, Week 8, NFL Network: “Another revenge bowl. Kirk Cousins hopes to get payback on the team that wouldn't pay him -- well, long term, that is -- while Adrian Peterson likely plays his final game in Minnesota.”6
  • Cowboys @ Bears, Week 14, NFL Network: “Styles make fights, except these two franchises mimic each other. Every drive will count.”6
  • Colts @ Saints, Week 15, ESPN: “When all things are considered, it's one of the fantastic inter-conference showdowns this year... And what a gem of a quarterback matchup. Unless Indy and New Orleans meet in the Super Bowl rather soon, we will never see Andrew Luck and Drew Brees duel again.”6


Engage with Loyal Fans

Football is a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year sport. Fans are following their favorite teams and players year round. 1 in 5 people play fantasy sports, 73% of whom are playing fantasy football.5 With the NFL, there is no “off-season.” Effectv can help you reach this loyal fan base wherever and whenever they watch.


Effectv aligns your brand with the NFL throughout the season, everywhere loyal, passionate fans are watching. Get in the game today!

For more information, call 888.877.9799 or Visit www.Effectv.com/Sports




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